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River Region Mountain Bike Alliance began as The Trail of Legends Association, Inc. (TOLA), a grassroots effort led by citizens of Elmore County who were interested in creating scenic trails in central Alabama. With a clear mission the group moved forward with plans to develop a trail system in Elmore County and The Swayback Bridge Trail was the created. Over the years, many volunteers from the area helped build and maintain Swayback. In 2019 a group of mountain bikers in Central Alabama recognized the need for increased awareness for the sport and the need for more maintenance at Swayback. Both groups saw the potential and in March of 2019, TOLA, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit and original developers of the Swayback Trail, handed the keys over to RRMBA. As part of the development plan, RRMBA partnered with CAMP (Central Alabama Mountain Pedlars) in order to build a base of supporters in our area. CAMP, an IMBA/SORBA chapter, is based in Auburn and has done amazing work in developing the sport in the Auburn area. They are a key partner of RRMBA as we grow our local membership.


Please join and help support the effort in our area.

JOIN RRMBA! Become a member of IMBA & CAMP/RRMBA - Follow the link below to the International Mountain Bicycling Association's member page  and register as a member. Please make sure and select Central Alabama Mountain Pedalars as your local chapter and you will automatically receive a joint membership to CAMP/RRMBA. Individual memberships are $30 a year and family memberships are $50 a year. In addition to membership with us, you will receive 30% off all IMBA merchandise, discounts and deals from local and national brands, an IMBA membership kit and a free subscription to one of five bicycling magazines.

GET CONNECTED!  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to get updates on RRMBA activities.

RIDE THE TRAILS! The Swayback Bridge Trail near Lake Jordan offers great single track winding through the forested banks of Lake Jordan.

BUILD THE TRAIL!  We are constantly improving and maintaining the Swayback Trail system. Check our Facebook and Instagram page for upcoming workdays, then come to the trail and help build new features or clear existing trail! We couldn’t do what we do without our awesome volunteers. Kids and furry friends welcome.

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